Iran Buat Pesawat Pembom Tak Berawak

Alhamdulillah Iran berhasil membuat pesawat pembom tak berawak yang dinamakan Karrar. Pesawat ini mampu menjangkau jarak 1.000 km dengan kecepatan tinggi serta membawa 4 peluru kendali yang tidak terdeteksi oleh radar (teknologi stealth) seberat 230 kg.

Sebelumnya Iran juga sudah berhasil membuat pesawat tempur Saeqeh yang bisa melaju di atas kecepatan suara.

Pesawat tempur Republik Islam Iran Saeqeh

Iran juga berhasil membuat tank dan juga peluru kendali Shahab 3 yang mampu menjangkau jarak 2.000 km.

Tank Zulfiqar 2Tank Zulfiqar 2

Jepang, Korea Selatan, dan Cina sudah bisa membuat tank dan pesawat tempur sendiri. Jadi harusnya Indonesia yang jumlah penduduknya lebih besar daripada Jepang dan Korea Selatan juga mampu membuatnya.

Rudal-rudal Iran Meroket ke Udara
Rudal-rudal Iran Meroket ke Udara

Pernah AS mengembargo militer Indonesia sehingga pesawat F16 yang dibeli Indonesia dari AS tidak bisa terbang karena AS tidak menjual spare part/onderdilnya ke Indonesia.

Indonesia juga sebetulnya sudah bisa bikin pesawat terbang, kapal laut, dan mobil sendiri. Lihat:

Di pabrik2 mobil Jepang di Indonesia juga mayoritas pekerjanya orang Indonesia. Orang Jepang paling cuma jadi direktur.

Pemerintah mengucurkan rp 600 trilyun untuk para bankir di tahun 1998, kemudian rp 6,7 trilyun untuk Bank Century. Padahal tidak ada hasilnya.
Kalau saja pemerintah mengucurkan Rp 10 trilyun/tahun untuk modal pabrik mobil, pesawat, dan kapal, tentu akan beda.

Iran Produksi Pesawat Pengebom Tanpa Awak

Pesawat itu mereka namai Karrar, yang dalam Parsi berarti penyerang

Ironis, AS Berbalik Cemaskan Pesawat Tak Berawak Iran

WASHINGTON (Berita SuaraMedia) – Menteri Pertahanan AS, Robert Gates telah mengumumkan minatnya dalam mengekspor drone ofensif AS di seluruh dunia, sementara mengekspresikan kekhawatiran tentang kendaraan udara tak berawak (UAV) defensif milik Iran.

Iran drones versatile: Defense chief
Sun Aug 22, 2010 5:31PM

Iran’s defense chief says home-made drones are not only able to gather information, but possess ‘operational capabilities’ as well.

“These (Iranian) drones have numerous applications”, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi told Fars News Agency on Sunday.

“They can not only record and transmit images, but possess operational capabilities as well”, the top general underlined.

He said the Karar drone unveiled on Sunday has a flight radius of 1000 km, adding Iran has other unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) which can fly the same distance.
“The Karar bomber drone has numerous capabilities, namely having a long operational radius”, he added.

“The jet-propelled unmanned plane can also gain altitude”, he said.

Earlier Sunday, Iran unveiled its first domestically-manufactured long-range unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in a ceremony marking Defense Industry Day in the country.

The Karrar UAV is capable of carrying a military payload of rockets to carry out bombing missions against ground targets. It is also capable of flying long distances at a very high speed.

Iran’s defense industries have demonstrated spectacular progress in the recent year, launching numerous domestically-built armaments, including aerial and sea-borne military vehicles such as submarines, combat frigates and various types of missiles.


Warning fired as Iran boosts navy

IRAN kicked off mass production of two classes of high-speed missile-launching assault boats today, warning its enemies not to “play with fire” as it boosts security along its coastline.

The inauguration of the production lines for the Seraj and Zolfaqar speedboats comes a day after President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad unveiled Iran’s home-built bomber drone, which he said would deliver “death” to Iran’s enemies.

State news agency IRNA reported that Seraj (Lamp) and Zolfaqar (named after Shi’ite Imam Ali’s sword) speedboats would be manufactured at the marine industries complex of the ministry of defence.

Defence Minister Ahmad Vahidi opened the assembly lines, saying the vessels would help strengthen Iran’s defence forces, IRNA said.

“Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran is relying on a great defence industry and the powerful forces of Sepah (Revolutionary Guards) and the army, with their utmost strength, can provide security to the Persian Gulf, the Sea of Oman and Strait of Hormuz,” Mr Vahidi said.

He issued a stern warning to Iran’s foes.

“The enemy must be careful of its adventurous behaviour and not play with fire because the Islamic Republic of Iran’s response would be unpredictable,” IRNA quoted him as saying.

“If enemies attack Iran, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s reaction will not be restricted to one area. The truth of our defence doctrine is that we will not attack any country and that we extend our hand to all legitimate countries.”

Iran’s arch-foes, the United States and Israel, have not ruled out taking military action over Tehran’s controversial nuclear program.

Iran has in the past threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz, choking off some 40 per cent of tanker-shipped oil worldwide, in the event of a military attack.

IRNA said Zolfaqar was a new generation missile-launching vessel which can be used for patrol as well as for attack operations.

“It is designed for quick assaults on ships and is equipped with two missile launchers, two machine guns and a computer system to control the missiles,” the report said.

Fars news agency cited Mr Vahidi as saying that Zolfaqar was to be equipped with the Nasr 1 (Victory) marine cruise missile “which has high destructive power”.

Iran has previously said that the Nasr missile can destroy targets weighing up to 3000 tonnes.

IRNA said Seraj, designed for a tropical climate, was also a swift assault vessel for use in the Caspian sea, the Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, adding that it can fire rockets and also be used in stormy seas.

“Seraj is a fast moving assault rocket launcher using sophisticated and modern technology,” Mr Vahidi was cited as saying by IRNA.

The launch of the production lines comes as Iran marks its annual “government week”, a period when it traditionally shows off its latest technological achievements.

Ahmadinejad yesterday unveiled a bomber drone with a range of up to 1000km, which he dubbed the “ambassador of death”.

State media said the drone, Karar (Assailant), can carry four stealth cruise missiles, two bombs of 115kg each or a precision missile of 230kg.

Tehran kicked off its week of military claims on Friday when it fired a surface-to-surface missile, named Qiam (Rising), with some more announcements expected over the next few days.

The Islamic republic is also expected to test fire a third generation Fateh (Conqueror) 110 missile, after having already paraded a version with a range of 150 to 200km.

Iran recently took delivery of four domestically built Ghadir mini-submarines, a “stealth” vessel designed to operate in shallow waters such as the Gulf.

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  1. alhamdulillah. one of moslem country has come to the better progress and develop step up for protecting own self country from threatening moslem enemy.
    So thank Allah and let all moslem in world become unite and solid cooperation for developing science, technology, economy and education for people progress and justice and welfare and whole of mankind. Amen. Insya Allah…. Allahu akbar

  2. Finally, Iran able to show for all, if they indeed proper to compete with the other. I believe Iran can be Super Power even more.. Amin…

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