Are Ahmad Dhani and Prabowo Pro-NAZI or Pro-Hitler?

Dhani NAZIen

In my opinion, Ahmad Dhani’s video is very cool. Just watch it.
Jokowi supporters who accuse it as NAZI’s supporters are  wrong. It’s all because: ENVY.
Ahmad Dhani is half Jewish ( so is our prophet’s companions Abdullah bin Salam). It’s impossible for Ahmad Dhani to support NAZI because he is half Jewish. Ahmad Dhani’s mother, Joyce Kohler is a Jewish. So it’s impossible for Ahmad Dhani to become a pro NAZI or pro Hitler. And it’s Ahmad Dhani who made the video. Not Prabowo.

Dhani just want his looks like military. As an artists, if the “uniform” he wear looks like NAZI’s uniform, it’s just a co-incidence. Because of ignorance. Not because he loves NAZI.

If you think Prabowo Subianto (Indonesia’s Presidential Candidate) as a racist NAZI, you are very wrong. Prabowo support Ahok (Basuki Tjahaja Purnama), a Christian Chinese, as a vice governor for Jokowi. Ahok is the member of Prabowo’s party: Gerindra. Here is the picture of Ahok:


Though Prabowo is a Muslim, but her mother, Dora Marie Sigar, is a Christian. So is Prabowo’s brother, Hashim also Christian (converted). Dora is half Chinese. So how come Prabowo could become a racist just like Hitler or NAZI?

Time and Der Spiegel Magazine is not doing enough research on Ahmad Dhani and Prabowo. So they think Ahmad Dhani and Prabowo are a pro NAZI or Hitler. Time Magazine’s article is counting on a lame writer: Yenni Kwok…
Just look at the video and enjoy it. Just look at the bright side and enjoy the show:


Ahmad Dhani explain Indonesian has nothing to do with German. We, Indonesian people never kill million Jews. If I use US military uniform, people will accuse me as a pro-US. If I use British, people will say I am a pro-British. If I use Indonesian Military Uniform, people will say, “has you a permit to use that?” So I just made it up:

Indonesien: Wahlkampf in Himmlers SS-Uniform

Zur Großansicht
Sänger Ahmad Dhani in Himmler-Uniform: “Indonesien erwache!”
“We Will Rock You” in Nazi-Ästhetik: Ex-General Prabowo Subianto setzt im Kampf um das indonesische Präsidentenamt auf martialisches Auftreten – und auf einen Sänger in Heinrich-Himmler-Uniform. Bei den Wählern kommt das an.

This Indonesian Nazi Video Is One of the Worst Pieces of Political Campaigning Ever

In the video, an adaptation of the Queen classic “We Will Rock You,” musician Ahmad Dhani sports a fascist-style uniform and holds a golden Garuda — a mythical bird that is Indonesia’s emblem but which, against the black of his paramilitary attire, looks uncomfortably like the German imperial eagle that the Nazis incorporated into their iconography.

Bali-based filmmaker Daniel Ziv described the video as bringing “Nazi skinhead imagery to Indonesian politics.”


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