Allan Nairn Slanders Prabowo: the Peculiarities of the slander

Allan Nairn

Allan Nairn Slanders Prabowo: the Peculiarities of the slander

I see there are some irregularities in the Allan Nairn’s slander against Prabowo. First, Prabowo doesn’t feel insulting Gus Dur (Abdurrahman Wahid). Gus Dur also did not feel insulted by Prabowo. If Prabowo and Abdurrahman Wahid did not feel the insult, that is the reality. It’s strange if we believe the U.S. journalist Allan Nairn that live far away in US about the insult.

If Prabowo insult Gus Dur, of course Abdurrahman Wahid and his men will find out about it soon. There’s no way Gus Dur said Prabowo as one of the most sincere to the people of Indonesia and ask them to support and choose Prabowo and Gerindra in 2009 if the slander is true.

If Prabowo insult Gus Dur, Prabowo’s enemies in the military such as Wiranto and Hendropriyono who is an  Indonesian intelligence expert will soon use the insult to attack Prabowo. This is nothing but libel and slander. It is a lie!

The U.S. government is desperate to use all its agents and tools such as  the U.S. ambassador, the U.S. magazine such as Time and U.S. journalist Allan Nairn also, as well as pro-US journalist Gunawan Mohamad in Indonesia.

Many people said Allan Nairn attack Indonesian military. Actually not quite right. Allan Nairn is attacking Indonesia. Not just TNI (Indonesian Military) alone. Allan Nairn is a U.S. agent to make Indonesia weak. If Indonesia is weak, of course U.S. MNCs such as Freeport, Chevron, Exxon, etc freely plundering Indonesia’s natural resources!

Prabowo Said Aqil Siradj
By Allan Nairn translated writings about Prabowo in Indonesian language (a very good ones, better than mine), we know Allan’s target is to change Indonesian Peoples’ opinion so they will choose the US puppet candidate as Indonesian President instead a freedom leader like Hugo Chavez that will free Indonesians from US colonialism.

Allan Nairn is an anti-Indonesia military journalist from US. Reportedly he was beaten so severely by TNI (Indonesian Forces) and certainly difficult to enter Indonesia. It’s very strange if  Allan Nairn were twice visiting  Prabowo (he said) in June and July 2001 just to have Anonymous  and Off The Record interview with Prabowo? Anonymous and OFF-THE-RECORD? Ain’t that funny?

Prabowo and Gus Dur

Prabowo and Gus Dur

There is no way a U.S. journalist who despised the military life-threatening entry into Indonesia only to have an anonymous and off-the-record interview.  Just look:

Allan Nairn: In June and July, 2001 I had two long meetings with Prabowo.
We met at his corporate office in Mega Kuningan, Jakarta.
I Offered Prabowo anonymity.
I was looking into the recent murders apparently involving the Indonesian army, and was hoping that if he could speak off-the-record General Prabowo might divulge details.

Then we see the words:

Gus Dur is now often remembered with joy. Even Prabowo campaign also utilizes videotape talks Gus Dur.

Today, Gus Dur is often remembered fondly.  The current Prabowo campaign uses footage of him.

Allan Nairn’s writing above shows Allan’s link with Jokowi’s supporters in Indonesia. Many Indonesian people still don’t know about Gus Dur’s Video about Prabowo. So if Allan, a US people know about it, there must be some US agents in Indonesia tell Allan about the video.

Allan Nairn: But in the conversation, before I Prabowo ceaselessly denounced Gus Dur and democracy.

But that day, to me, Prabowo ranted about Gus Dur and democracy.

The two paragraphs above are from Allan’s blog. On Top is the Allan’s article in Indonesian Language that I translated it to English. Below is in original English.

In Indonesian Language mentioned that Prabowo ceaselessly denounced Gus Dur and Democracy. I think it is very strange.

If a (former) general such as Prabowo who want to be president, ain’t it funny or stupid condemning Gus Dur and DEMOCRACY in front of a US JOURNALIST such as Allan Nairn?? Even proudly called himself: “A FASCIST DICTATOR”? In front of Indonesian people, Prabowo never insulted Gus Dur or democracy for years as long as I know. So how come in front of Allan, Prabowo say different thing? It doesn’t make sense!

Prabowo is a very smart man. His teacher in US Military Academy acknowledged Prabowo and Abdullah II (King of Jordan) as the 2 brightest students he ever trained! Prabowo is the son of Indonesian’s Great Economist Guru: Prof. Dr. Soemitro Djojohadikusumo.

Moreover, according to Islamic Scholar, KH Said Aqil Siradj (the leader of NU – Nahdatul Ulama), Prabowo was very close to Gus Dur since riots in 1998. Prabowo respect Gus Dur a lot. Aqil several time accompany Prabowo to meet Abdurrahman Wahid and chat with him until very late at night.

In 1998 when Gus Dur was not become president Prabowo was so very respectful to him, so that after the meeting in May 1998 at Makostrad Building straight to Abdurrahman Wahid’s house just to ask: “What should I do?”. So when Gus Dur became president, Prabowo will respect him more. Insulting Gus Dur while he was in president will lead Prabowo to jail. Especially if insulting Gus Dur in front of a journalist. That is: stupid. By thinking, I know Allan Nairn’s article about Prabowo insulting Gus Dur is mere slander.

If it is true, in 2001 Allan should write the Prabowo’s insult immediately. At least in 2009 when Prabowo run as Vice President for Megawati. So if Allan hide it for 13 years and now in 2014 Allan speak about it, it’s very strange. Very political. Not much different with Jokowi’s supporter: The Jasmev.

Allan Nairn:
Prabowo said, regarding Gus Dur:

“The military even obeys a blind president!  Imagine!  Look at him, he’s embarrassing!”

“Look at Tony Blair, Bush, Putin.  Young, ganteng [handsome] — and we have a blind man!”

Prabowo called for a different model.

He mentioned Pakistan’s General Pervez Musharraf.   

Musharraf had arrested his country’s civilian prime minister and imposed dictatorship.  Prabowo said he admired him greatly.

In writing the above Allan Nairn said Prabowo was comparing Gus Dur with Tony Blair, Bush, Putin, and Pervez Musharraf. Though they were just in power when the interview were held. At that time in July 2001, those leaders were still new. Their popularity is still unknown.

Putin was elected president in August 2000, we cannot say Putin is young and handsome. Especially Prabowo who ever taste the meaning of handsome… 🙂 But I admire Putin as a brave and sincere leader!

Prabowo Muda

Bush jr become US president in January 2001, and Pervez Musharraf as president in June 2001. That means that their popularity has not been known.

See how Allan Nairn “THREATENING” to expose Prabowo’s role in Mass killing in East Timor in 1998:

Journalist Allan Nairn Threatened for Exposing Indonesian Pres. Candidate’s Role in Mass Killings

This is a journalists or a blackmailer?

A Good Journalist will report good thing or bad things immediately to public via mass media. Not hide it for unknown reason. Especially he threatened his object with exposing his “Little Secret” I would say this kind of man is a Blackmailer! Not a journalist!

We see again another Allan Nairn’s writing:

Allan Nairn: Prabowo and I had a revealing discussion about the Santa Cruz Massacre.  

This was an Indonesian armed forces slaughter of at least 271 civilians.

It was done on November 12, 1991 in Dili, occupied East Timor, outside a cemetery where a crowd of men, women and children had gathered.

I happened to have been present at that massacre and managed to survive it.

Prabowo told me that the army order to do those killings had been “imbecilic.”  (He said he thought the order came from Gen. Benny Murdani, but said he wasn’t certain).

Allan writes Prabowo assumed the order of mass killing come from Gen. Benny Murdani. But he was not so sure about it. It’s very strange.

As a war journalist, Allan Nairn certainly know the saying:

“There are no bad soldiers, only bad officers”

Soldiers are just doing what their commander orders. It is impossible Prabowo did not know who order the Mass Killing if he involved in the killing.If Prabowo was ordered to kill, he will know who give the order to him.

General Benny Murdani who is Commander of the Armed Forces who doubles as Minister of Defence and the Commander. LB Murdani is the only general in Indonesia who hold 3 highest position in Indonesia’s security/ military under President Suharto. If the order is not from Murdani, then who else?

But because Gen. Benny Murdani is a pro-U.S. generals, then Murdani is safe from the attack of US “Journalists” such as Allan Nairn. Allan should investigate the actions of LB Murdani in massacres in East Timor. Allan Nairn should investigate Indonesia’s next commander: Wiranto in the violence in East Timor. The United Nations had called Wiranto as a violator of human rights in East Timor. But why Allan did not attack Wiranto? Allan Nairn is clearly this not much different from the Jasmev (Jokowi’s Supporters) in Indonesia.

Allan Nairn: Prabowo’s complaint was not with the fact that the army had murdered civilians, but rather that they had done so in front of me and other witnesses who were then able to report the massacre and mobilize the outside world.

Is Prabowo that stupid saying those things in front of the U.S. journalist: Allan Nairn?

Allan Nairn: “Santa Cruz killed us politically!,” Prabowo exclaimed.  “It was the defeat!”

“You don’t massacre civilians in front of the world press,” General Prabowo said. “Maybe commanders do it in villages where no one will ever know, but not in the provincial capital!”

The remark was telling as an acknowledgement that the army routinely massacres, and in establishing that Prabowo finds this acceptable if the killings are done in places where “no one will ever know.”
Indonesian version:

It feels Allan Nairn uses his imagination to write things mentioned above … 🙂

See how Allan Nairn alleges Kopassus (a military elite unit) who freed 10 of civilians who kidnapped by armed OPM rebels as criminals.  OPM rebels already killed 2 civilians before, yet Allan did not condem the OPM. Hypocrite?  In the eyes of Allan Nairn, Prabowo / TNI (Indonesia’s Military) is always wrong. Criminals. Although they freed 10 kidnapped civilians from the OPM rebels:

Allan Nairn: As Suharto pulled Prabowo up through the ranks, his commands were implicated in other mass murders, including one in West Papua where Prabowo’s men masqueraded as the International Red Cross (ICRC), and the now well-known covert operation in Jakarta where they disappeared pro-democracy activists.

Off course Allan Nairn never mention about the bomb that exploded in Tanah Tinggi before  the “disappearance of pro-democracy activists”. The bomb was just one from many bombs they built to create riots in Indonesia.

A homemade bomb exploded at a low-cost Tanah Tinggi apartment block on Jan. 18, 1998. One suspect was arrested and two other people were listed aswanted for questioning.

Bomb explodes in Jakarta

Wednesday, January 28, 1998 – 11:00
On January 18, a bomb exploded in an apartment in the central Jakarta slum district of Tanah Tinggi. Indonesian police say they found documents belonging to the banned People’s Democratic Party (PRD), and a top military official has accused the PRD of being behind the incident.

Let’s see other sources in CNN about Prabowo. Last September, rumors were rife that Prabowo was in West Timor advising pro-Indonesia militias, but he was in fact in Malaysia being interviewed by Asiaweek.:

MARCH 3, 2000 VOL. 26 NO. 8

Image Of Evil

Prabowo’s refracted reputation for ruthlessness in East Timor


What is the reality? I looked into one incident in which Prabowo was reportedly involved: a massacre of villagers in Craras, in Viqueque regency, southeast of Dili. According to a special forces officer, who asked not to be named, Craras was razed on Aug. 3, 1983, in retaliation for the murders of Indonesian engineers by Fretilin in the village. Prabowo’s unit, to which this officer belonged, did not arrive in East Timor until three days after the incident. Sent to Craras, they came across more than 30 survivors, mostly women and children. He says Prabowo gave them red-and-white banners – the Indonesian colors – and a letter to present to the area’s commander. His unit then escorted the group as far as a river crossing. The officer says he does not know what happened to them afterwards, but information obtained elsewhere suggests they were killed by another Indonesian unit.

Many of the beliefs about Prabowo do not quite fit with the facts. He has been linked with the 1991 Santa Cruz cemetery massacre, but he was not even in East Timor at the time; what’s more, he was serving in Kostrad, rather than Kopassus (the special forces group that deals with intelligence and counterinsurgency). Last September, rumors were rife that Prabowo was in West Timor advising pro-Indonesia militias, but he was in fact in Malaysia being interviewed by Asiaweek.

Witness of riots in May 1998, KH Said Aqil Siradj (the leader of Nahdatul Ulama) as Vice Chairman of the Joint Fact-Finding Team where the chairman is Marzuki Darusman, and members Widjojanto (KPK) concluded Prabowo is not guilty and not the mastermind of the riot. And Prabowo willing to sacrifice for it. That is why Gus Dur says Prabowo was the most sincere.

Real mastermind would not admit it. Terrific if there are people who do not enter Fact Finding Team Team but confidently said Prabowo guilty of violating human rights and so on.

Said Aqil Siradj said Prabowo is free from charges of human rights violations. It refers to the conclusions of Fact Finding Team (TPGF) ever formed.
“I was Vice Chairman TPGF. Its chairman Mr. Marzuki Darusman. I was his deputy. Widjojanto members, the Chairman of the LBH time. Hakim Garuda Nusantara, Nursyahbani mother. In conclusion, Mr. Prabowo not orchestrating the violence, “he explained.
NU Chairman: Prabowo Not Involved Riots May 1998
Headline – Chairman of the Board of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) Said Aqil Siradj reveal presidential candidate Prabowo is the closest to NU. Proximity Prabowo more closely in the early days of reform.
“Closeness with Gus Dur Prabowo times noisier when the reform. Prabowo frequent visitor to Gus Dur, “said Said in the field Boarding Schools NU Typical Kempek, Paliaman, Cirebon, West Java, Friday, June 27, 2014. Gus Dur or Abdurrahman Wahid, a former president and NU leaders.
Said said, meeting with Gus Dur Prabowo often done at night at the residence of Gus Dur. Informal meetings that are often attended by several other NU leaders, such as Muhaimin Iskandar and Syaifullah Yusuf.
“Until Gus Dur said the most sincere to this nation is Prabowo. That is what he is ready to sacrifice. Ready ousted from Pangkostrad, ready deprived of his position. Because if it was not him who else tumbalnya, “said Said.
Moreover, Said assured that Prabowo was aware of what he chose. Prabowo, said Said, willing to be a “victimizing” the other generals on the events of 1998. “So he is ready to accept it,” he said.
In fact, Said said Prabowo free from charges of human rights violations. It refers to the conclusions of Fact Finding Team (TPGF) ever formed.
“I was Vice Chairman TPGF. Its chairman Mr. Marzuki Darusman. I was his deputy. Widjojanto members, the Chairman of the LBH time. Hakim Garuda Nusantara, Nursyahbani mother. In conclusion, Mr. Prabowo not orchestrating the violence, “he explained.
Wiranto statement regarding documents that reveal the Military Honor Council (DKP), Said only a short answer. “Unlike the conclusion of the fact-finding team was. I as Vice Chairman TPGF May 1998. Conclusion Pak Prabowo did not interfere at all, “he said.

Do we believe in the Allan Nairn the Slanderer or Abdurrahman Wahid? let’s see the video of Gus Dur support Prabowo and praised Prabowo as the most sincere:

Not only Gus Dur who defend Prabowo. But also many other figures such as KH Said Aqil Siradj, Emha Ainun Najib, Aa Gm, Ratna Sarumpaet, TSB. They are more trustworthy than Allan Nairn. Have a look:
Gus Dur, 1998 Emha and Victim Support Prabowo
Achievement Prabowo

Agus Nizami

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“What I have enough guts,” Prabowo asked, “what I am ready if called ‘fascist dictatorship’?”
News: “Do I have the guts,” Prabowo asked, “am I ready to be called a fascist dictator?”

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