Jokowi’s Photoshopped Campaign Pictures


Photoshopped Jokowi2

I look at Joko Widodo’s official Facebook Page with 2.9 likes. There are some photos there. One of them is with 18,017 FB likes and 282 shares in just 7 days.

But if we take a look carefully, there are some clones there. For example, there are 2 “twin” builing in the red rectangle. There are also the same people in blue circle and the green rectangle so the mass looks several times bigger. We will think there are a lot people there supporting Jokowi as Indonesia’s president. For your information, Monas monument should be sterile from political activity. It’s illegal doing political campaign there.

Photoshopped Jokowi2B

You could see the picture here:

The photo below has 35,944 FB likes and 429 shares in just 22 hours!

Photoshopped Jokowi1If we take a look again, there are some clones or repetition of the same people. E.g. you could see the same people in the blue rectangle 3 times! So you will see many people gather there listening to Joko Widodo’s speech.Isn’t that great?

Photoshopped Jokowi1b

You could see the picture here:

Photoshopped Jokowi gab

With “Mental Revolution” or “Photoshopped Revolution” like that, Joko Widodo FP reach 2.9 million likes and getting bigger all the time.


Joko Widodo


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