Beda Penggunaan In, On, dan At dalam Bahasa Inggris

In On At

The Usage of In, On, and At in Time and Location
IN (General – Bigger)
Time: Centuries, Decades, Years, Months, Weeks. E.g.: The 1800’s, The 80’s, 1970, July, 2 Weeks
Location: Country, City, Neighborhood. E.g.: England, London, Chinatown

ON (More Specific – Smaller)
Time: Days, Weekend. May 7th, 1964, My Birthday, Friday, The Weekend
Location: Streets, Avenues. Oxford Street, The Corner

AT (Very Specific – Smallest)
Time: Hours. 7 am, 12 o’clock, 5 pm
Location: Address, Specific Location. 734 Oxford Street, The Store


In case you’re ever confused about when to use these. Try using one in a sentence!

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