Google Adsense is a Great Robber!


GoogleAds is a Thief KabarIslamia

Well, I don’t mind if Google Ads is robbing me in Google Blogspot Adsense such as and My earning drops from US$ 30/month to less than US$ 3/month though the traffic is increasing. It’s Google right’s not to pay me as it should be since I use their platform. Google’s excuse is that my content violating their rules. Yet they keep showing of their ads in my blogs. I guess Google charge its advertisers the same price while paying its publishers 1/10 as it used to be. Since then, I am not very enthusiastic writing in Google Blogspot.

But when Google Ads also put its ads on, suddenly my earning drops a lot. I used to get US$ 100 per month from 1 blog like When Google Ads put its ads in WordPress, just in 3 months my ads earning drop to less than US$ 1 per month.

I hate to say this, but I think Google Ads is nothing but a Thief! I know they get billions of dollars profit every year from the Advertisers. But they rob money from its publishers. Not only Blogspot’s publishers, but now WordPress Publishers also. I hope Matt Mullenweg do not cooperate with this robber!

GoogleAds is a Thief

How many Google Publishers is disappointed by Google Ads? How many WordPress Publishers will be disappointed by Google Ads? Let’s not click Google Ads because Google Ads is nothing bu a Thief. A criminal. Let’s don’t advertise in Google. Instead contact the publishers directly. You could pay 1/3 of the money you pay to Google!

GoogleAds is a Thief Agus Nizami

There are millions Blogspot publishers and WordPress publishers. Without the Publishers, Google Adsense is nothing!

Earning from

02-2016 $0.48 12912 Unpaid
01-2016 $15.81 14261 Unpaid
12-2015 $15.19 14499 Unpaid
11-2015 $17.50 15437 Unpaid

Earning from

02-2016 $17.73 38585 Unpaid
01-2016 $50.89 44628 Paid
12-2015 $37.80 36013 Paid
11-2015 $48.30 41408 Paid
10-2015 $52.57 44129 Paid

Earning from

02-2016 $0.87 326 Unpaid
01-2016 $10.75 44043 Unpaid
12-2015 $76.86 73226 Paid
11-2015 $96.67 86513 Paid
10-2015 $102.76 95244 Paid

Here is the statistics of It’s around 200,000 pageviews per month. So if it could get only 326 Ad Impressions, there is something fishy since I saw a lot of ads there from Indonesia.

GoogleAds is a Thief KabarIslamia Stat

Here is the statistics of It has around 100,000 pageviews / month. Yet the earning is drop from US$ 100/month to less than US$ 1/month. Do you think Google Ads is not a great robber? What Google Ads is not a good way to do a business.

I wish WordPress stop working with Google Ads because it’s a thief. I need the money to support my family

GoogleAds is a Thief!

This is how funny Google Adsense rate is:

Google Adsense

My Google Adsense Earnings Made Me Laugh… 🙂
On October 8th 2015 the ads revenue is S$0.07 / 1,022 Page views:

I believe Google is cheating its bloggers. I hope WordPress do not doing the same thing. Many Google’s rules actually could be done by Google’s program. E.g. for invalid clicks, Google could identify whether the IP address and cookies are from Google’s publishers and Google could ignore the clicks of the same IPs. So the “Invalid Clicks” rule is just a setup. Especially sometimes we could accidentally click the ads once. If the click happen more than once and everyday, then Google could punish them.

About “The Original Content”, is quoting a paragraph or two with the link as reference means our writing is not original? Though the quote only less than 20% of the posting? If that happen, why Google don’t send at least 50% of the ads revenue while the rest to the quoted publishers?

If a posting has problem, why just not give warning or block the troubled posting? Why blocking the entire website?

Agus Nizami

The article below is true:

AdSense leak controversy heats up as Google denies favoritism, theft allegations
Someone claiming to be a former employee of Google claims the internet giant has systematically robbed its AdSense clients — an allegation Google has quickly denied.

On Pastebin Tuesday, April 29, an individual published Google AdSense Leak, a detailed timeline of events alleging that Google knowingly shuts down AdSense accounts to pocket the money and plays favorites with its “VIPs.”

The unsubstantiated screed spans 2009-2012 and accuses AdWords of maintaining a list of accounts that operate outside the AdSense ToS rules, another list of accounts that are treated discriminatorily, and that high-earning accounts are deliberately banned before payouts.


Many website owners complain that their AdSense accounts have been disabled just before they were supposed to receive their first paycheck from Google.[27] Google claims accounts have been disabled due to click fraud or forbidden content, but have offered no proof of this.

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