Hijama Cure His Headache Due to Bump on the Head When He Was Baby


On February 4th, 2017, Mr. Jeffrey (30 years) from Kelapa Gading came for Hijama on his head. He complained that he get a lot of headache, real headache, so he has to take 3 to 4 pills (Paramex) everyday to relief his headache.He said that he has fell on the head when he was a baby. In junior high school,  he began to feel his headache. It’s getting worse ever since. Mr. Jeffrey also told me that he often forgets. Just about to do something he had forgotten. However, in terms of academic achievement he was very good.

“But my religion Christian sir. May I have Hijama?” asked Jeffrey.

“It’s Okay.” I said. This blod cupping treatment is very useful for those who believe. If you are not sure, it’s useless. Because Allah who cure the disease. Cupping is only an intermediary. Endeavor. Factors of the disease are not only of food and lifestyle. But also  the mind. If the mind is positive / confident, he can be cured. Hence many people who take Placebo pills (which is useless), but recovered because he believed the placebo can cure his disease. So confidence is also important.

Mr. Jeffrey get hijama 3 points in the head, that is: The points of Ummu Mughits, Yafukh, and Qomah Duwah. Also in the back of the neck, Kahil, Katifain, Back, and ‘Ala wariq. Alhamdulillah after get Hijama, Mr Jeffrey headache is significantly reduced. So light. I was very dizzy, he said. But now it’s gone. He was so excited, and gave me more.

Blood Cupping treatment which is the Sunnah of the Prophet turned out a great many benefits. Previously I do not know if cupping can cure headaches due to a fall when the patient was a baby or toddler (decades ago). It turned out that after a try, it can. For the treatment of dizziness, vertigo and migraines, blood cupping proved to be quite good.


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