The Most Delicious Fruits in the World!


The number one is Durian.

In Thailand it is called “The King of Fruit”. The smell is miserable so it’s forbidden in the airplane. But the taste, Oh my God!…..

[The] durian, of all tropical fruits the most captivating. The initial reaction was one of revulsion but those who went on to taste were lost forever, hooked for life. And durian was more than a delicacy: it was a meal in itself, rich in everything the body needed.
The Revd. Peter H. Howes, In A Fair Ground, 1994, p. 82

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River City in the World


Brisbane City looking north up the Brisbane River
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Amazing People

Robert P Wadlow

Robert Pershing Wadlow (1918 – 1940) is the tallest human being ever recorded. He reached 8′ 11.1″ (272 cm) in height and 490 pounds (222.26 kg) in weight before his death at the age of 22.

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Types of Warships

Aircraft Carrier USS George Washington

Aircraft Carrier USS George Washington

Air Craft Carrier USS George Washington length is 1,092 feet (332.8 m). Its speed is 30+ knots (56+ km/h; 35+ mph). Using 2 × Westinghouse A4W nuclear reactors and 4 × steam turbines has range Unlimited distance for 20-25 years without refueling. It could carry  90 fixed wing and helicopters and 6102 crews.

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