Why Insomnia Can Be Cured with Wet Blood Cupping (Hijama)?



Maybe this is the reason why insomnia can be cured with wet blood cupping. Some are sleepy or fall  asleep when they are having Wet Cupping Therapy. There is also a young man have a good night sleep like tired people after having a wet cupping therapy for about 30 minutes. Even though the medicine given by the doctor previously did not work.

It turns out that insomnia is related to blood. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) writes that Insomnia sufferers should check blood and there is a possibility of lack of oxygen in the blood.


Physical Exam

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[Solved] Cannot Login to WP Admin

Computer Problem

Hardened your wordpress!

Suddenly I cannot login to WP Admin. The message is 404. Page not found. I restore files and database backup without success.

Then using filezilla (you could use others), I rename the folder plugins (it’s in wp-content) into pluginsoff

Then I change the permalinks (it’s change by some virus or what to index.php….), to the previous setting: year/month/date/nameposting, and click save.

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Primary Colors and Secondary Colors

If you like to paint, These are the Primary Colors and Secondary Colors. You could mix the colors of your watercolors or oil painting colors into new different colors.

The Primary Colors are: Yellow, Red, and Blue

The Secondary Colors are:

Orange = Red + Yellow

Green = Blue + Yellow

Purple = Blue + Red

You could also get Tertiary Colors such as:

Brown = Orange + Green

Reddish Brown = Purple + Orange

How to Merge Many XLS Files into One File?


How to Merge Many XLS Files into One File?

It will combine many xls files into a single spreadsheet file including the worksheet!

Just create new XLS File

Then press Alt+F11 to Microsoft Visual Basic Mode

Double Click ThisWorkbook on the left column

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Grow Your Own Rice and Fish!


Grow Your Own Rice and Fish!
Grow your own food.
So no matter the world economic crisis is, you still can eat rice and fish. You are survived!
These are the photos of Paddy Field in Ngemplak district, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

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How to Print Screen in HP Lenovo P780

Google Earth Street View

Google Earth Street View

How to Print Screen in HP Lenovo P780 with Jelly Bean 4.20 Operating System is quite easy. Just press the power button and the volume button at the same time for 2-3 seconds. Then the screen shot will appear in our gallery.

It’s better you set the volume to silence.

Other Android HP usually use the power button with combination other button such as the button in the bottom at the same time.
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Map of USA with the States and Capital Cities

Map of USA with the States and Capital Cities and Big Cities like New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, etc.
Click to enlarge!
To get the maximum size:
1. Click the left button of your mouse
2. Click the right button of the mouse and click “Open Image in New Tab”
3. Click again to get the maximum size.
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Jokowi’s Supporters Attack a TV Station!

TVOne Yogya 3

Jokowi’s Supporters Attack a TV Station!

On July 2nd, Joko Widodo’s supporters were attacking a TV Station, TV One, in Jakarta and Yogyakarta city.

In Jakarta, the police could stop the Joko Widodo’s supporters that led by the PDIP’s second man, Tjahjo Kumolo. While in Yogyakarta, Jokowi’s supporters breaking and entering the TVOne’s office and wrote the office with paint sprayer such as TVOne is D*G.

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Jokowi’s Photoshopped Campaign Pictures


Photoshopped Jokowi2

I look at Joko Widodo’s official Facebook Page with 2.9 likes. There are some photos there. One of them is with 18,017 FB likes and 282 shares in just 7 days.

But if we take a look carefully, there are some clones there. For example, there are 2 “twin” builing in the red rectangle. There are also the same people in blue circle and the green rectangle so the mass looks several times bigger. We will think there are a lot people there supporting Jokowi as Indonesia’s president. For your information, Monas monument should be sterile from political activity. It’s illegal doing political campaign there.

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Allan Nairn Slanders Prabowo: the Peculiarities of the slander

Allan Nairn

Allan Nairn Slanders Prabowo: the Peculiarities of the slander

I see there are some irregularities in the Allan Nairn’s slander against Prabowo. First, Prabowo doesn’t feel insulting Gus Dur (Abdurrahman Wahid). Gus Dur also did not feel insulted by Prabowo. If Prabowo and Abdurrahman Wahid did not feel the insult, that is the reality. It’s strange if we believe the U.S. journalist Allan Nairn that live far away in US about the insult.

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